Kansas City Royals Downtown Stadium Fact Check: 'Clearly We're All Waiting'

Credit to a longtime local political power player and former councilman . . . Throughout this process he might be the only person to call a bluff from the home team's front office.

Here's today's clap back aimed at the Kansas City Royals . .  .

The team’s considering the East Village of Jackson County, within the city limits and an area in Clay County of North Kansas City. If the Royals moved north of the river, their landlord would no longer be the Sports Complex Authority. Regardless,  Executive Director of the Jackson County Sports Authority Jim Rowland says the wait doesn’t bother him.

“It’s their prerogative and certainly their right to do their due diligence,” he continued, talking about the Royals. “So I don’t think that’s an issue, but I think it’s somewhat silly to suggest ‘nobody’s waiting on us.’ Clearly, we’re all waiting.'”

More on this line of questioning . . . 

"We don't have a site, so by definition, that's waiting," Rowland said of his group's discussions with the Royals. "I think we're waiting. The county's waiting. The Chiefs are waiting. The taxpayers are waiting. The fans are waiting, so it's clear that we are all waiting for an announcement of a site."

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Jackson County Sports Complex Authority speaks out on Royals stadium

The Jackson County Sports Complex Authority, landlord for the Kansas City Royals, spoke to the county legislature about stadium negotiations.