Kansas City Rent Control Coming Soon?!?

For Sunday and with a great many thanks to TOP ECHELON KANSAS CITY INSIDERS . . . We take a peek at a fight in the making . . .


Let's set the scene . . . Here's an apt quote on the topic from the leader of KC Tenants and a national campaign to enact rent control . . .

 "The system as we know it today has failed everyday people, many of whom make impossible choices between rent and food, their homes or their medications," said Tara Raghuveer "The status quo is not working for the people, it is only working for the profiteers, and it is time for change. It is time for the federal government to make changes to that system, to correct the imbalance of power between landlords and tenants, to protect tenants, and to stabilize the American economy."

Now, a word of caution and something to calm our more testy TKC readers . . .

Currently, Rent control is banned in Missouri (MRS § 441.043).

Feel better???


But the conversation doesn't stop there . . . In fact . . . 

Missouri prohibition will likely only embolden Mayor & Council to throw their support behind the issue given that they're not liable for the result of their brazen anti-capitalist rhetoric. 

Right now a supportive resolution has already been drafted. 

Once again, Mayor & Council plan to let KC Tenants use council chambers as their own, personal, activist bully pulpit . . . 

And . . . There's talk of a "rent control pledge" emerging in Kansas City that will earn some, lucky landlords the right to land in the good graces of activists & politicos. 

Meanwhile . . .

From both conservative and progressive vantages . . . The topic of rent control threatens to be one of many issues that will rip this nation apart as we slouch toward the 2024 election.

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Developing . . .