Kansas City Public TV Hypes Tenants Union

Posted because this is supposed to be journalism (lulz) but it reads more like a love letter and continued promo of a group that doesn't disclose finances with the public  . . . Check-it . . .

KC Tenants was created in February 2019 by 10 individuals. The group aims to bring attention to housing issues and advocate for tenants rights in Kansas City.

“(They) recognized that these corporations are buying up these homes, they’re jacking up the rents and are leaving tenants in pretty terrible, deteriorated living conditions, and the only people that are going to fight for that is going to be us,” said Mason Alexander Kilpatrick, a community organizer for KC Tenants. “The city has allowed this to happen. The state of Missouri has allowed this to happen. And the federal government continues to allow it to happen. So we can’t really continue to ask and ask them to do something about it when it’s very clear that they’re not going to.”

A list of 10 recently formed Tenant Unions in Kansas City.

The group’s political advocacy has spurred several victories for renters in Kansas City, including the Tenants Bill of Rights, which passed just months after the group’s creation in 2019. Since its inception, KC Tenants has supported more than 10 tenants unions across the city.

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