Kansas City Progressives Politely Ignoring 2023 Homicide Surge

This week Kansas City hit homicide #130 and before the weekend starts we wanted to take a moment to talk about the continued crisis in the making. 

Here's a passage from a recent report that puts the crisis in political perspective . . . Typically our conservative friends mostly agree with this line of thinking . .  . 

"Why are some cities continuing to see increases in violence while the general trend is downward? The answer is that while many cities have increased funding to police and cracked down on gangs, some continue to cling to liberalism's worst ideas about crime, punishment, and individual accountability."

Closer to home we talked to insiders this week and they see the problem as one of engagement . . . Here's an off-record quote from that conversation:

"When Kansas City progressives sat their hands this election and didn't get out and vote, didn't support better candidates and ignored the crime happening locally . . . They endorsed the status quo, they endorsed this homicide crisis. If they want to make up for it, that starts with supporting police and getting serious about violent crime . . . Instead, it seems like so many people want to pretend it's not happening which will only make matters worse . . ."

 Accordingly . . . 

Today we tackle this topic again because Labor Day Weekend is traditionally violent and leads us into the last quarter of the year wherein gunfire & deadly altercations continue to rise until Winter.

The end of Summer rarely curbs Kansas City crime . . . Instead, we notice that topic continues to trend as tragic numbers escalate at year's end. Again, it's worth noting that numbers continue to keep pace with 2020 -- The deadliest year in KCMO recorded history.

And so . . . Addressing the crisis become critical before local media dismisses the topic with all of their other annual roundup throwaway reporting.

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