Kansas City Police Newsroom Raid Recall

Just wanted to throw this one in for the late night because it's worth posting as part of our KICK-ASS TKC dedication to recent history and we're surprised locals "historians" didn't make a bigger deal of it.

Amid the hype and justified outrage regarding a newspaper raid in Marion County, Kansas . . . Another cowtown connection was nearly forgotten. 

Long ago, police raided a TV station newsroom in Kansas City, Missouri.

In this week's episode of WIR, Dave Helling dutifully retold part of the story that might defy the local progressive narrative .  . .

"This is not the first time that a law enforcement official has raided a newsroom in our region. In the mid-1990s, Claire McCaskill raided the newsroom at channel 4 under the same circumstances with a search warrant not a subpoena  looking for what she believed to be evidence in a murder case. It prompted a federal lawsuit. We, I worked at channel 4 at the time, won at the trail level and lost in appeals court."

Actually, we remember the raid because it's remnant of a long ago tech legacy before the days of digital. If memory serves, TKC was still in high school at the time  . . . The beef was over video footage. Police & prosecutors demanded an original videotape that might have contained clues in a murder investigation newspaper whilst newsies maybe offered to make a copy. 

Nowadays . . . Everything would have just been thrown on TikTok in less than a minute and there wouldn't be any tangible evidence to fight over, just computer code in the cloud.

I don't know if the circumstances are the exactly same given that it was a murder case and not some Karen complaining that somebody was snooping on her.

Still . . . The flex is a reminder that Constitutional freedoms are, in fact, important and part of this EPIC American experiment.

Hopefully, we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!