Kansas City Pet Shelter Crisis Despite EPIC Taxpayer GO Bond Cash

Not so long ago . . . Remember that local activists told us that public support for a new pet shelter would solve all of Kansas City's pupper problem.

They also promised they'd help pay for it . . . Neither of those things happened.

Here's the sitch . . . 

At animal shelters from the city to the suburbs, more dogs are coming in, sometimes relinquished, but often cast to the streets by their owners. Fewer dogs are being adopted out, placing distraught workers at shelters into an unsettling circumstance. At KC Pet Project near Swope Park, technically a “no kill” shelter, staff members are now euthanizing up to 10 dogs a day that they’d hoped to save.

“It’s a huge crisis. It is,” said Tori Fugate, KC Pet Project’s chief communications officer. “It’s incredible to see how many animals are coming in here right now. We have never seen anything like this in Kansas City before. And it’s not just isolated to Kansas City. Every municipal shelter like ours across the country is seeing this massive intake.”

In July alone, KC Pet Project took in 818 dogs, the most in a single month in the organization’s history.

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Too many dogs, too few adoptions: Inside the 'huge crisis' in KC animal shelters

Ten dogs a day are put down at KC Pet Project, a "no kill" kennel. Amid economic downturn, U.S. shelters are overwhelmed and need help.