Kansas City News Look: Ozark Blowup, MAGA Warned & Ukraine Cash

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Cowtown Offers Retraining

Workforce centers offering help to laid-off Yellow workers from the Kansas City metro area

Nearly 1,000 workers in the Kansas City metro are looking for new jobs, after Yellow Corporation officially declared bankruptcy this week.

Today's Summer Safety Warning

16 injured in boat explosion at Lake of the Ozarks

At least 16 people are injured following a boat explosion Friday at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Show-Me Culture War Biz

Missouri's secretary of state reins in environmentally minded investing * Missouri Independent

After the legislature failed to put restrictions on ESG investing, Jay Ashcroft introduced a rule to create parameters for banks.

Rock Chalk Price Check

Evergy requests first rate increase in five years. Rates outside Kansas City would jump 10%. - Kansas Reflector

Evergy has filed a request with Kansas regulators to raise electric rates in Kansas, citing updates to the grid as a driving cost.

More Baller Junk Food Debuts

Another Mahomes-owned Whataburger opening in Kansas City area

Franchise KMO Burger, which Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has invested in, announced it will open a new Whataburger near Liberty.

Social Media Starlet Talks Music

Loren Gray Shares the Beauty of Her 'Backwards' Music Career & How Her Debut Album Captures Her Growth

Loren Gray unveiled her debut studio album Guilty on Friday (April 21).

White House Ruined By 1st Son

Biden world resigned to a campaign shadowed by Hunter drama

The White House was privately frustrated by the appointment of a special counsel. But Republicans were, too.

MAGA Now On Notice

Judge Chuktan warns Trump against 'inflammatory' remarks before trial

But former US president gets a legal win in battle over what he can say before election fraud trial.

Investigation Ramps Up

AG Garland appoints Hunter Biden investigator David Weiss special counsel

Merrick Garland appointed Hunter Biden investigator David Weiss as special counsel. The appointment comes after a plea agreement for Biden arranged by Weiss fell apart in federal court.

Politicos Argue Hunter

GOP leaders rail against Biden's $24 billion request to aid Ukraine, say it 'deserves scrutiny'

Prominent GOP leaders oppose Biden's $24B Ukraine aid plea amid border crisis and fentanyl surge.

Tragic American Toll Worsens

Maui wildfires death toll at 67 as warning sirens' silence questioned

The toll is expected to keep climbing. Maui residents are asking why Hawaii's famous emergency warning system didn't alert them about the oncoming flames.

Celeb Directs Support

Jason Momoa Suggests Where to Donate to Help Maui Wildfires

Actor Jason Momoa, a native of Hawaii, has taken to social media to express his reaction to the ongoing wildfires on Maui and tell his followers how they can help. "We are devastated and hear...

Another Ode To Joy Wok

To the joy of many, Joy Wok opens in Waldo

"Everything is freshly made. Everyday."

Hit & Miss Weekend Forecast

After a hot Saturday, storm chances on Sunday

On Sunday, there are two opportunities for storms, one in the morning and one in the evening.

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