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Kansas City Hipster Deep Dive

Explore Kansas City's art scene with these 7 extraordinary exhibits outside the Nelson-Atkins

Kansas City is lucky to have such a world-class art museum, but don't forget about the many smaller art galleries scattered throughout the metro. We put together a list of seven exhibitions this fall that showcase diverse perspectives and cool corners of the art scene.

Sound Of Millennials Debuts

Photos: Izzy Hedges Band brought cool indie vibes to Replay Lounge

Last night, LFK locals came out for an indie rock-filled matinee show at the Replay Lounge featuring Izzy Hedges Band, Brother Spacebear, and The Fun Guy. The Fun Guy kicked off the show making their live debut, playing many original rock tunes and covers of The Cure, The Smiths, and the Pixies.

Smell Your Neighbors Here . . . 

Kansas City filled with 'hot' attractions this weekend

As hot as it is for festival goers in the baking sun, it may actually be worse for all those volunteers and vendors manning the grill and deep fryers.

Actress Plays Lady Friend

Inside Natalie Alyn Lind's Relationship With Her Yellowstone Star Boyfriend, Kai Caster

Natalie Alyn Lind and her boyfriend Kai Caster, of Yellowstone fame, have a deep connection that has fans wanting to know more...

White House Clowns MAGA

Biden campaign jabs Trump over reported plans to skip GOP debate

The Biden campaign on Friday seized on reports that Donald Trump will skip the first GOP primary debate in Wisconsin, arguing the state is a symbol of the former president's "failed leadership." "Of course Donald Trump wants to avoid appearing in Wisconsin because he knows Wisconsin is a state that illustrates his failed leadership," Biden...

Pacific Fear Starts

Powerful Hurricane Hilary heads for Mexico's Baja. Rare tropical storm watch issued for California

Hurricane Hilary is churning off Mexico's Pacific coast as a powerful Category 4 storm threatening to unleash torrential rains on the mudslide-prone border city of Tijuana before heading into Southern California as the first tropical storm there in 84 years.

Vlad Checks Pals

Putin meets top generals in charge of Russia's war efforts in Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin visited the commander of Russia's operation in Ukraine and other top military brass, the Kremlin said on Saturday, a meeting that came after Ukraine claimed counteroffensive gains on the southeastern front.

Far East Fears Worst . . . 

Taiwan detects 42 warplanes in Chinese military drills

Taiwan condemned China's actions, saying the military drills were "irrational and provocative".

Local Morning Brew

Marcell Coffee owners launching 'Take Care' retail concept, OLEO brand in Crossroads

The roasting minds behind a successful Kansas City wholesale coffee operation are switching business blends - planning a Crossroads storefront anchored by a new, retail-only coffee brand.

Burn Starts Today

FORECAST: Excessive heat warning lasting through Wednesday

The intense heat surges back into the region for the upcoming weekend.

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