Kansas City Lady ALLEGEDLY Buried Her Dad In Backyard To Keep Collecting His Checks

Somewhere there's a country music hit hidden in all of this commonplace human misery . . .

According to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO), the case involving Kansas City resident Gennice Walker opened in April 2023. Her 95-year-old father, Bruce Brown, had not been seen or heard from in an uncertain amount of time.

Early into the case, investigators established probable cause that Walker was living off her father’s Social Security and VA benefits. They also believed Walker may have buried her father in the desert after receiving a tip with that information.

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KC woman arrested for burying elderly father in backyard, stealing his identity

Investigators from Nye County, Nevada are in the process of extraditing a Kansas City woman after finding the buried remains of her father and learning she has been living off his Social Security and VA benefits.