Kansas City Glimmer: Volunteerism, Rules Of Road & Rematch Game Plan

A lot to consider this morning as Angel Erin inspires our peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Heartland to Hawaii

Kansas City-area nonprofit provides 30,000 free BBQ meals to those affected by Maui wildfires

A nonprofit based out of Peculiar, Missouri, known as Operation BBQ Relief, has provided 30,000 free barbecue meals to those affected by the Maui, Hawaii, wildfires.

Dead-Tree To Rights 

Can you refuse a breathalyzer if you get stopped in Missouri or Kansas? Here's the law

Can a driver in the Kansas City area lose their license if they don't take a breath test when they get pulled over? What state laws say.

MSM Backstory

How a small-town feud in Kansas sent a shock through American journalism | Flipboard

The Washington Post - MARION, Kan. - The phone conversation between the journalist and the town's newly hired police chief quickly turned contentious. Tipsters had been telling Deb Gruver that Gideon Cody left the police department in Kansas City, Mo., under a cloud, supposedly threatened with demotion. So now she was ...

Cowtown Hunger Ramps Up

Kansas City-area drive-through food distribution sites see increase in need

Churches across the Kansas City metropolitan area distribute free food to those in need thanks to support from Harvesters. KSHB 41's Fill the Fridge campaign raises money for Harvesters.

Artsy Tribute Endures

Kemper Museum reaches into its vaults to showcase artist Virginia Jaramillo

Reaching into its vaults, the Kemper Museum curates a retrospective exhibition of artist Virginia Jaramillo, whose work was showcased in the museum's 1994 debut exhibition.


Seriously, Who Wants the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to Come Back?

Honestly, who is asking for this? Did someone stumble their way onto a monkey's paw and wish for this sarcastically?

Game On . . . 

The Speaker's Lobby: Election strategy if 2024 is a Trump vs. Biden rematch

The race for the highest office in the land in 2024 has already begun, going beyond flagship states like Iowa to courtrooms and contentious House hearings.

Because It Wouldn't Help Them

Why most of Trump's Republican rivals won't attack him | CNN Politics

Polls show Donald Trump leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, his nearest rival for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, by about 40 points. You might think this would cause the former president's GOP rivals to attack him in an attempt to eat into that support, which stands at north of 50% of the primary vote.

GOP Threats Amplified

McCarthy to Biden: Give Us Your Bank Statements or We'll Impeach You

McCarthy wants bank statements from the Biden family-but hasn't specified from whom.

Tragic Euro War Worsens . . . 

Shelling kills civilians in northeast Ukraine amid fears of Russia retaking the area

U.K. military intelligence on Saturday assessed that Russia may "increase the intensity of its offensive efforts" around Kupiansk and nearby Lyman in an attempt to take pressure off its forces near Bakhmut and in the Zaporizhzhia region.

End Game Assured

Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin confirmed dead after genetic analysis, Russian officials say

The Russian investigative committee said in a statement Sunday that the "the identities of all 10 dead were established" from last week's plane crash north of Moscow.

South Of Border Progress Possibly

Mexico '99.9% certain' to elect first female president, expert says

Mexico in less than 10 months will elect a new president, and polls increasingly point to the new "strong man" being a woman.

El Papa Inspiration

Pope Francis urges Russian children to become 'artisans of peace' in address

Pope Francis urged children to become "artisans of peace" and "sowers of seeds of reconciliation" at the 10th National Meeting of Catholic Youth of Russia.

Newspaper Needs Ideas

What should The Star investigate next? How to share your tips, ideas and suggestions

The Star's "Broken Government" project wants to expose how government isn't working for residents and taxpayers. We want you to tell us where to look.

September Cool Down Awaits

FOX4 Forecast: Finally...cooler with some rain!

View today's latest video forecast for the Kansas City area in both Kansas and Missouri from the FOX4 weather team.

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