Kansas City Generations: Baller Bridge, Concert Schedule & Ancient Politics

Right now workout fashion hottie Sommer and her mum reassure us with their family tradition of hotness that inspires our latest peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

First Responders Roll Out

Kansas City firefighters deploy to Florida for Hurricane Idalia relief

Two Kansas City Firefighters are in Pensacola, Florida to help with hurricane Idalia relief efforts. They're part of Missouri Task Force One.

Local Baller Good Deeds

Planned pedestrian bridge to Patrick Mahomes-built playground moves forward

Kansas City, Missouri Parks Board moves forward with process to build a pedestrian bridge to Dr. MLK Jr. park.

Defending Super Bowl Glory

Brett Veach Delivers Big Update on Chris Jones Contract Situation

Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach discussed the latest happenings with negotiations for star DT Chris Jones's long-term contract.

Dead-Tree Blame Game Again

Union Station and downtown KC were thriving in the 1950s. This project changed all that

This major development changed downtown Kansas City forever shortly after this postcard was published.

Local Listening Sessions

10 Kansas City concerts you simply must see this September

This month may signal the end of summer, but Kansas City's selection of musical offerings will stay hot. To make sense of all the options, we pared the list down to simply the best.

Hottie Tradition Endures

Sommer Ray Celebrates Mom's 59th Birthday With Stunning Swimsuit Snaps

Sommer Ray commemorates her mom Shannon Ray's 59th birthday on Instagram with a set of hot swimsuit snaps!

Prez Pushes Back Republicans

White House warns GOP Biden impeachment will backfire

The White House is warning House Republicans that a potential impeachment inquiry into President Biden will only backfire on an already fractured conference. The possibility of an impeachment inquiry appears to be growing, with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) giving signals recently that one could be launched as soon as September.

More MAGA Money Probs?!?

New York AG's office alleges Trump inflated his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion in 1 year | CNN Politics

Donald Trump inflated his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion in one year, lawyers for the New York attorney general's office alleged as part of their civil fraud lawsuit against the former president, his adult sons and the Trump Organization.

Progressives Attack Ailing Republican Leader

Opinion | Mitch McConnell is not okay

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., froze for the second time. It's not clear what's wrong or the cause of his condition but it's concerning.

Liberty Rerouted

Why Biden is now routinely taking the short stairs up to Air Force One

The built-in stairs lead to the belly of the plane. They're less photogenic than the tall, outdoor steps. But the sturdier stairs pose less of a health and political risk to the 80-year-old president.

Senator Caught In Cash Fight

Feinstein is a silent character in her sad and messy final chapter

Feinstein's daughter battles her stepsisters over the senator's share of a fortune that exceeds an estimated $1 billion. Daughter's role scrutinized by trustees in new legal motion.

Reporting Rumors Of War

An elite team of Ukrainian snipers dubbed 'Devils and Angels' is taking out top Russian commanders to demoralize troops: 'We work quietly, we are invisible'

Elite Ukrainian snipers pick off top Russian commanders with the goal of creating chaos and demoralizing enemy troops.

More Deets On China Flex Map

China's new national map has angered its neighbors | CNN

The Philippines has become the latest of China's neighbors to object to its new national map, joining Malaysia and India in releasing strongly worded statements about Beijing's apparent claims on their territory.

Colonial Consequences Cont'd

Gabon's latest coup is a cautionary tale for the rest of Francophone Africa

Also on the daily podcast: Lebanon's booming tourist industry and the American right's new favourite song | Podcasts

Prog Pod Sets Up For Army Of Conservative Trolls

Strike Force Five: what happens when late-night TV hosts make a podcast?

Fallon, Kimmel, Colbert, Meyers and Oliver have reunited for a new Spotify series, talking 'on top of each other for an hour' in aid of their striking writers

Hottie Branding Pays Off

Lexi Luna, a teacher-turned-porn star, said branding herself as a professional MILF helped her career take off

A MILF persona along with a caring demeanor and well-endowed chest help Lexi Luna stand out in the competitive adult industry, she said.

Local Legend Well-Remembered

Family, friends remember Kansas City Cigar Box entertainer Al Latta

"He was one of a kind. I don't think he would ever meet somebody like him again."

Local Culinary Questions Answered

James Beard Award winner Marissa Gencarelli talks about growing up in Sonora, future plans for Yoli and her perfect day in KC.

James Beard Award winner Marissa Gencarelli talks about growing up in Sonora, future plans for Yoli and her perfect day in KC.

Advertising Slice Of Life

Subway to debut 180-foot-long sandwich blimp in Kansas City ahead of Chiefs, NFL season opener Sept. 7

When you win the Super Bowl, you get to host the first game of the next NFL season, and when you host the first game of the NFL season, blimps come to your town.

Home Team Suffers Loss #94

Andre aggravates ailing aristocratic attack 4-1

The bats were quiet once again

EPIC Moon Aftermath

'A pretty cool night': Kansas City photographers capture Blue supermoon

There was just the right mix of clouds and clear skies late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning for Kansas City photographers to capture the Blue supermoon.

Kansas City Summer Fade Proves Exceptional

FORECAST: Humidity remains low with gradual warming toward end of week

Saturday is when the higher heat returns as we enjoy a nice end to August.

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