Kansas City Drag Stays Winning

Thanks to conservative talkers sharing so many salacious clips . . . It seems that local drag is enjoying a renaissance. 

Come to think of it . . .

TKC has seen more drag performances on right-wing talk shows than anywhere else in recent years. And that MIGHT be a hint that all of this faux outage is really just election year warm-up and/or rage pr0n for people with anger control problems and less than a rewarding family life.

Accordingly . . . From what we remember, drag shows are a sleazy good time for consenting adults with lots of nasty humor that cheap laughs . . . Here's an encouraging sign that tradition endures . . .

But the drag scene in Kansas City has been thriving since the 1960s, according to Tajma Stetson, a Kansas City queen who's been performing for 17 years.

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To be a drag queen in Kansas City is to be fierce, fearless and 'part of something bigger'

Politicians in Missouri and Kansas have concentrated attacks on a variety of LGBTQ+ issues this year, including restrictions on drag performances. But queens in Kansas City are still determined to spread joy, love and acceptance.