Kansas City Corner: Housing Market Fades, Warships Moving, Blood Spilled & Pope Silent

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Talking Trendy Meals On Wheels

Kansas City food trucks discuss business in summer heat

Food trucks often take advantage of nice weather to get big business, but what if the summer's heat is just a little too hot? KSHB 41 asked two local food trucks to find out.

Top Dog This Weekend

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum hosts "Heart of America Hot Dog Festival" fundraiser

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum hosted it's annual "Heart of America Hot Dog Festival" in the 18th and Vine District Saturday.

News Dive Into Weekend Scare

Johnson County aquatic center becomes hazardous for swimmers during competition

Struggling to breathe, throwing up, burning eyes and passing out. Those are the side effects many youth swimmers felt after being at a Johnson County aquatic center.

Counting KC Baller Money

Who are the highest-paid Kansas City Chiefs at each position?

The Chiefs have very few bad contracts. But, that doesn't mean they do not pay their players handsomely.

Kansas City Stays Home Despite Economic Hype

New listings down 18% in May: Kansas City housing market update

Fewer homes were added to the market this year than amid pandemic lockdowns in May 2020.

Angel Endures Despite Hardship

What Happened To Erin Heatherton After She Filed For Bankruptcy After A Successful Career As A Victoria's Secret Model?

Erin Heatherton has been living a fascinating life since she stopped being a Victoria's Secret model and fans want to know everything she's doing.

Showdown Suspected

'We have to take it seriously': Dems brace for a '24 Biden-Trump rematch

The former president is more organized than ever, Democrats say, and would pose a formidable challenge in a general election.

GOP Considers Conspiracy

Vivek Ramaswamy suggests U.S. may be aiding Ukraine because of a Hunter Biden deal

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa - Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy implied Saturday that American involvement in the war in Ukraine may be because of President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden.

War In Europe Grows More Bloodthirsty

Ukraine war: Russia hits blood transfusion centre, says Zelensky

People have been reportedly killed and wounded in the strike in north-eastern Ukraine, says the president.

Axis Moves Against U.S.

China, Russia send naval warships near Alaska, triggering forceful US response

China and Russia conducted a joint naval operation near U.S. territory off the coast of Alaska this week in an action experts said was the largest of its kind ever.

El Papa Quiet Amongst Millions

Pope fails to call out Russia's invasion of Ukraine during visit to shrine associated with apocalyptic prophesies

Pope Francis failed to call out Russia's invasion of Ukraine during his visit Saturday to the revered shrine in the Portuguese town of Fatima for World Youth Day.

More Stadium Speculation

KC Royals: A new home in the Heart of KC?

To say the KC Royals' 2023 season has been a dissappointment would be an understatement. The club has been desperately scrambling for solutions to make the team

Tech Help For Cowtown

Kansas City residents can get money to help pay for internet access. Here's what to know

Kansas City residents can qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program if they make less than twice the federal poverty level (about $60,000 for a family of four), if someone in the household is a Pell Grant recipient or receives assistance like SNAP or Medicaid.

Winter Is Coming . . . Eventually

Kansas City winter could be 'making a comeback,' almanac says

The Farmer's Almanac is predicting winter weather making a comeback in Kansas and Missouri after a warm anomaly last year.

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