Kansas City Conservatives Assure Winter Climate Panic Coming Soon

Our right-wing pals seem to want a bit of balance amid summer climate change hysteria. 

Naturally, we attempt to oblige in our own, stupid way . . .

As our blog community continues to unpack "the science" of the climate crisis we can only offer this assurance . . .


On this hot-ass muggy cowtown day where a breeze of air that smells like sewage feels like a blessing from above . . . Here's a peek at the science . . .

This comprehensive assessment concludes that the global average temperature about 6,500 years ago was likely warmer and was followed by a multi-millennial cooling trend that ended in the 1800s. But, they cautioned, uncertainty still exists despite recent studies that claimed to have resolved the conundrum.

“Quantifying the average temperature of the earth during the past, when some places were warming while others were cooling, is challenging, and more research is needed to firmly resolve the conundrum . . . But tracing changes in global average temperature is important because it’s the same metric used to gauge the march of human-caused warming and to identify internationally negotiated targets to limit it. In particular, our review revealed how surprisingly little we know about slow-moving climate variability, including forces now set into motion by humans that will play out as sea level rises and permafrost thaws over coming millennia.”

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