Kansas City Confronts COVID 2023 Comeback

Like it or not . . . The numbers are spiking. Locally and across the nation. Some might even knew a few people who have suffered a surprise bout with the persistent pandemic.

Don't worry, it gets worse  . . . 

No matter your politics, there's no denying a pronounced lack of public faith/trust in the vaxx.

Fun thought for the midday . . .

Increasing resistance to meds overall is a worsening threat that could transform science and make it a lot easier to find parking . . . In a bad way. 

Either way . . .

The reality is that COVID isn't finished with us and vice versa.

Check the local word and more reporting . . .

The University of Kansas Health System on Wednesday had six patients with active COVID-19 infections, two of whom are in the intensive care unit, according to a hospital news briefing. That’s much lower than patient numbers seen during the height of previous COVID-19 surges, but is slightly higher than in recent weeks.

“(In) the past 2 weeks, our hospital’s number of active infections has increased slightly,” said Dr. Dana Hawkinson, the hospital’s medical director of infection prevention and control.

The hospital’s patient count mirrors recent national trends: Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data shows that new hospital admissions due to COVID-19 across the U.S. increased by over 12% during the week beginning July 17.

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