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Lady Soccer Winning

KC Current's new stadium continues to take shape with installation of 'the pitch'

The stadium, which has a 50-year lease agreement with Port KC, will seat 11,500 eager fans and is expected to open in the 2024 season.

Access Improves In The Dotte

Wyandotte County medicare recipients pleased with efforts to lower prescription drug costs

People battling serious or life-threatening illnesses are pleased with the push to lower prescription drug prices.

Rural Land Grab

Ray County commissioners to consider purchasing 27 acres amidst tax and planning debate

Commissioners are set to acquire 27 acres of land for $200,000, but the question on everyone's mind is what this land will be used for.

Kansas Paper Chase Cont'd

A judge told Kansas authorities to destroy electronic copies of newspaper's files taken during raid

A judge ordered Kansas authorities to destroy all the electronic copies they made of a small newspaper's files when police raided its office this month

Show-Me Legal Weed Supplied

Missouri's recreational weed industry is rolling after easing early supply issues

The industry has sold more than $715 million of marijuana in the nearly 7 months since recreational sales began in February. There are now some 200 weed dispensaries spread across the state.

Hottie Flashback Celebrated

Carmen Electra flaunts her famous curves in 90s inspired photoshoot

Carmen Electra looked ready to flashback to her days on Baywatch in a 1990s-inspired photo shoot for the Australian brand I AM GIA featured several sexy and sultry looks.

White House Suffers Scathing Critique

Gold Star dad slams Biden as 'disgrace to this nation' | Fox News Video

Abbey Gate families call out Biden administration over botched Afghanistan withdrawal

Republican Foreshadowing

Chris Christie warns if Trump wins the GOP nomination 'we're going to lose this election'

"And if we lose to Joe Biden, Republicans need to understand that we're going to be looking at a packed Supreme Court, we're going to be looking at the end of the filibuster," Christie said.

2nd Place Preps For Disaster

DeSantis preps for Idalia

beacon} Evening Report Tuesday, August 29 © Stephen M. Dowell /Orlando Sentinel via AP DeSantis preps for Hurricane Idalia in Florida Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency in dozens of counties, and several counties issued evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Idalia's expected landfall early Wednesday.

War Tech Hovers Over Europe

There Are So Many Explosives-Laden Drones Flying Over Southern Ukraine That They're Running Into Each Other

The Ukrainian armed forces once had a drone advantage. The Ukrainians had more drones than the Russians did-and used them more effectively. That has changed.

Far East Economic Posturing

Just as China faces a Japan-style 'lost decade,' Japan thinks it's near a 'turning point' in decades-long deflation battle

Japan may be emerging from a 25-year battle with deflation, the government said, while China's economy hits turbulence.

Zuck Against Axis

Meta says Chinese, Russian influence operations are among the biggest it's taken down

Facebook's parent company says both operations used fake accounts across social media sites to promote Chinese and Russian interests

Home Team Stays Losing #93

Ragans dominates but bullpen blows it in 6-3 loss

So predictable.

Looking Toward Labor Day . . .

FORECAST: Staying pretty warm through next week with a few isolated rain and storm chances

Another day of comfortable conditions on Tuesday, with highs in the mid to upper 80s.

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