Kansas City Burn: Gunfire Starts Summer Weekend Hotness

A quick check-in for our late night lurkers as we share a bevy of items by way of pop culture, community reports and top headlines.

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No Discounting Local Danger

Kansas City police say attempted robbery of Dollar General turns into shooting, one wounded

Police say someone was shot during an attempted robbery at the store.

Shooting Echos On Local Streets

Four separate shootings under investigation Friday evening in Kansas City

Kansas City police are investigating four separate shootings on Friday evening.

First Responders Turn Up 

Emergency officials encouraging residents to prepare for heat wave

Emergency officials encourage people to prepare for the heat wave.

Close Call For KC's Fave Fam

Patrick Mahomes' 8-month-old son rushed to ER with allergic reaction

NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes and wife, Brittany, had to rush their 8-month-old son to the emergency room Wednesday after he had an allergic reaction to peanuts.

Small Town Code Of Silence

Marion City Council 'WILL NOT COMMENT' on raid of newspaper at meeting, agenda says

Marion Mayor David Mayfield will miss the meeting but writes that it has "absolutely nothing to do" with what's going on.

Inferno On Highway Of Death

VIDEO: Kansas City firefighters battle car fire off of 71 Highway

The fire happened off of 71 Highway at the 39th Street exit.

Diva Frolics South Of Border

Brittney Palmer Continues Bikini Bender In Cancun

Brittney Palmer is rocking out in Mexico, and certainly seems to be enjoying herself. She shared new bikini photos from Cancun.

White House Connects With Far East Friends

At Camp David, Biden hails 'next era of partnership' between U.S., South Korea and Japan

Threats from China and North Korea shadowed the historic trilateral summit

GOP Heavyweight Takes On MAGA

Christie on report of Trump skipping debate: 'Certified loser, verified coward'

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie called former President Trump a "certified loser, verified coward," following a Friday report that the 2024 GOP front-runner plans to skip next week's first primary debate. "Surprise, surprise...the guy who is out on bail from four jurisdictions and can't defend his reprehensible conduct, is running scared and hiding from the debate stage,"...

Debating Burnout

Hawaii fires thrust congressional approval of disaster funds into the spotlight

The disastrous Hawaii wildfires are focusing a spotlight on whether Congress will approve additional disaster relief funding. Lawmakers appear open to the possibility, but any path to approval is complicated by ongoing government funding battles. The death toll in Hawaii is sitting at 111 and expected to rise, a rare tropical storm heading for California is...

MAGA Picks Tucker Over Fox

Trump plans to skip Fox News debate, sit for Tucker Carlson interview: report

Former President Trump plans to skip next week's first Republican presidential primary debate and instead sit for an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, according to a new report. Trump has made the decision to skip the debate and is currently planning to sit for an interview with Carlson, The New York Times...


Vivek Ramaswamy shares 10 commandments of 2024 campaign, starts with 'God is real,' 'There are two genders'

Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur seeking the GOP nomination for the 2024 presidential election, offered a list of 10 ideas that he said were true.

American Desperation Ramps Up

Marijuana and hallucinogen use, binge drinking reached record highs among middle-aged adults, survey finds | CNN

Last year, more middle-aged adults were binge drinking, using marijuana or consuming hallucinogens than ever before, according to a new report. Cannabis use surged among young adults under 30, alongside historic rates of vaping, as well.

War In Europe Escalation Cont'd

Battlefield deaths in Ukraine have risen sharply this year, say US officials

US estimates that almost 500,000 Russian and Ukrainian soldiers have died in fighting in the conflict so far

Factoring Faith Community Fear

Sweden raises terror threat level after Quran burnings

'Continue living life as usual,' security chief says after raising threat level to four out of five.

In The Red . . .

China's slowing economy, seen from ground level

A bossy, secretive party is ill-suited to fixing a crisis of consumer confidence | China

Hollywood Jokes Lifestyle

Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Want You To Know They Are Definitely Not Swingers, OK?

The couple said the reason why there's a rumor that they've "hosted orgies" is because most people "don't get jokes."

Rock Diva Wins More KC Fans

Stevie Nicks visits Hair Salon KC ahead of Arrowhead show

It wasn't just a dream. Ahead of a show at Arrowhead Stadium Saturday night, the music star graced a Westport hair salon to get prepped.

Champ Hypes Losers . . . 

Patrick Mahomes still cheering on Royals in tough season: 'You've got to get momentum'

Patrick Mahomes, who owns a minority stake in the Royals, spoke about KC's recent baseball win streak.

Trading Games Persist

Jones shoots down fake GoFundMe campaign as holdout continues

As he continues holding out in hopes of a contract extension, Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones spent time Friday afternoon shooting down internet rumors.

Cowtown Plans On Climate Flux

'A lot of things we do is rain or shine': Event planners think about safety ahead of extreme heat this weekend

Summertime is for outdoor concerts, festivals and fun, but when temperatures are projected above 100 degrees, safety becomes a major concern for event planners.

Latest Weather Update . . .

Dangerous heat this weekend into early next week

High temperatures will reach the mid-to-upper 90s on Saturday all the way through Tuesday.

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