Kansas City Blogging Old School Parents

Mackie is one of our favorite local scribes and his latest offering is worth a read for those of us who maintain and cherish families ties. 

Something to consider as Gen-X continues to grey and even the elder millennials are forced to think about the future . .  . 

"Be mindful, my friends—because when that switch flips and you become the adult with your parents, there’s not a reset button. Your parents are now relegated to relying on you for most everything, no matter how independent they may seem."

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When You're Not The Kid Anymore

My folks had been married fifteen years before I burst onto the scene. As they so often pointed out, I was quite an unexpected surprise. (Not unlike a clearance sale at JC Penney.) I'm guessing that's because after 15 years of trying, both of them assumed parenthood wasn't in the cards.