Kansas City Bite: Chiefs Win, Royals Lose & 2024 Already Disappoints

Only hottie fashionista Kara could inspire yet another dive into pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Preseason Scorcher

Final score: Chiefs' offense gets hot, wins 38-10 in Arizona

Kansas City's first trip to Arizona since Super Bowl LVIII was another victory.

CNN Picks Up KC Suspect Saga

Kansas City Chiefs superfan indicted on bank robbery, money laundering charges | CNN

A federal grand jury indicted a man known as a Kansas City Chiefs superfan, who goes by "ChiefsAholic" on social media, with robbing several banks and laundering the money through casinos, the US Attorney's Office for the Western District of Missouri announced.

Another Royal FAIL

Bellinger takes Singer deep twice in 6-4 Cubs win

Brady Singer struggled and couldn't escape the fourth inning.

Even Suburbs Burn . . . 

2023 Parkville Days kicking off as heat wave arrives in the metro

Parkville Days is kicking off Friday night with sweltering heat expected Saturday and Sunday.

Shady Neighborhood Reporting

Case Solved: Private eye investigates the dark side of life

"You become a voice for the victim. It's most satisfying."

Kara's Journey Cont'd

Kara Del Toro in Bathing Suit Shares "Cabo Dump"

Kara Del Toro has become a very successful young model and influencer over the years and posed on the beach in a white bathing suit.

Neither Nor . . . 

Sure, Trump is awful. But that doesn't mean Biden is a good choice for president.

Apologists for Joe Biden and Donald Trump imply Americans must choose between the lesser of two evils in 2024 election. I find that hard to accept.

Courts Decide Democracy?!?!

Legal scholars increasingly raise constitutional argument that Trump should be barred from presidency | CNN Politics

Prominent conservative legal scholars are increasingly raising a constitutional argument that 2024 Republican candidate Donald Trump should be barred from the presidency because of his actions to overturn the previous presidential election result.

White House Trusts Process

Biden campaign predicts GOP candidates will 'out-MAGA each other' at debate

President Biden's reelection campaign on Saturday predicted that the GOP presidential candidates will "out-MAGA each other," in the first GOP debate next week, according to an email memo. Michael Taylor, communications director for Biden's 2024 campaign, detailed the "extreme MAGA" topics they expect Republican candidates to hit on the debate stage: cuts to Social Security...

Finger Wag Amid War In Europe

'Shameful' Nicolas Sarkozy under fire for defending Putin's Ukraine invasion

The former French president criticises EU and US support for Kyiv in his latest memoirs

Far East Fundamental FAIL

China's property crisis deepens with developer Country Garden at risk of default

Evergrande has filed for bankruptcy protection and firms covering 40% of Chinese home sales have defaulted

Brit Lady Confessions Exposed

This is the one thing I wish I'd been told before going to a sex club

When you're a single person in a sea of couples, you might have an incredible time... for a while.

Rising Tide Remembered

303: The Flood of 1993

On this week's episode of the Northeast Newscast Publisher Michael Bushnell is joined by Kenny Kieser, well-known photographer of the [...]

Forecast For Now . . . 

FORECAST: Dangerous heat for many days ahead, Weather Alerts in place now until Thursday

Dangerous heat for many days ahead. Weather Alerts remain in place now through Thursday.

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