Kansas City 311 Is A Joke

Northeast News remains a great community paper even after nonprofit status seemingly tamed their editorials. 

Nevertheless . . . 

Northeast News reporting continues to be top notch and their latest investigation into a troubled KCMO service is the best thing published during the current news cycle. 

Here's where their story starts . . .

A deep dive into the 311 program in Kansas City — including how the system operates and what might cause delays in case resolution — reveals the 311-related issues affecting residents. The analysis includes hundreds of thousands of 311 call center reports and interviews with people familiar with the system, the problems it addresses, or both.

The data examined ran from March 2021 through July 2023 . . .

Major findings include:

Trash-related reports and property violations (such as overgrown weeds and broken windows) are the top two issues reported across Kansas City.

Out of the six City Council districts, the 3rd and 5th Districts in eastern parts of the city  reported the highest number of cases to 311 since 2021. The 3rd District experiences the longest average resolution time.

Some residents who are immigrants or refugees, particularly in the Northeast, struggle to understand the 311 process and end up in court for code violations as a result. Some local groups are stepping in to address this issue.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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