Jackson Mahomes Crisis Of Conscience Confronts Kansas City Chiefs

We're still at the easy part . . . Of course, Jackson is innocent until proven guilty. 

But inevitably . . . Some very serious charges might take hold or at the very least, if he doesn't win a not guilty verdict, he'll likely earn probation on nasty allegations AND THEN the team will be confronted a difficult choice . . . Downplay his role and risk offending his super star bro or defy so many people who object to the dude for a myriad of reasons that MIGHT have legal merit. 

It gets worse . . . 


Here's a quickie review and realization that this is also a crisis of content . . .  Check-it . . . 

With the season just days away, Jackson, who was arrested on an aggravated sexual battery charge in May, fired up TikTok to do some stupid sing-a-long that has really inspired his fans.

“This is how I know football is coming back every year,” wrote Sarah, who is referencing Mahomes’ annual reminder that he exists just before the family’s breadwinner goes out to play for the Chiefs.

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