Jackson County Property Tax Assessment Hot Mess Audit Sneak Peek

One of the few bits of good news for taxpayers . . . We can only hope that the analysis might include the Exec's hotly disputed attendance record at legislative meetings.

Here's a look . . .

"We are ready to perform a comprehensive review that we hope will give taxpayers some much-needed answers on why Jackson County continues to see increases in assessed value that are significantly higher than what we see in other counties," Missouri State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick shared in a written statement.

The audit request comes after over 54,000 Jackson County residents filed a property tax appeal and thousands of others reported "difficulty with the appeal process," ranging from excessive phone hold times to website errors, per the resolution.

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Missouri state auditor 'ready' to perform comprehensive audit of Jackson County property assessment process

The Jackson County Legislature voted 8-1 Monday to invite the Missouri State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick to conduct a "full comprehensive" audit of the county's 2023 property assessment process.