Independence, MO Police Need ID Help After Teens Viciously Attack Walgreens Worker

Clearly . . . 

We're at the cruelest point of the Kansas City metro cruel Summer. 

This tragic story lacks any semblance of decency, civilization and self-respect on the part of suspects. 

Yes, even Socrates lamented the ways of youth. Nevertheless, this level of brazen violence amongst the NextGen doesn't seem to bode well for the future.

Here's the report and hope that locals will turn in these young ladies for this RUTHLESS CRIME WHICH PUTS US ALL AT RISK . . .

According to a police report, it all started when the two teens were in Walgreens with another teen and adult.

When the pair walked inside with others, only one of the teens had on sunglasses. The police report goes on to say when all four women walked out of the store, the teen without sunglasses had a pair on.

The Walgreens employee told police she told the adult in the group to pay for the glasses, but the woman refused. The two teens seen in the video came back in the store.

One of the teens grabbed a Sprite and sprayed it in the employee's face. The woman said when she blocked the Sprite, the teen hit her and the other teen jumped in.

The first teen jumped in again, punching the employee multiple times.

Police are still trying to piece the incident together, but they need help finding the teens in the video.

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Teens seen on video attacking Walgreens employee in Independence

Independence police are looking for two teenagers after a reported attack at a Walgreens store near 39th Street and Noland Road.