Hurricane Hilary Sparks Storm Of Dad Jokes

Sure . . . Some the the unalive trolling inspires cringe-y giggles . . . But for the most part the memes are aren't that dank . . . EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE SENT OUR WAY BY THE BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS!!!

The elegant satire inspired a giggle and that's why we wanted to share along with this news update:

The NHC is already reporting heavy rain in parts of Mexico's Baja California peninsula and the south-western US.

Hilary will weaken to a tropical storm before it reaches southern California.

It would be the first tropical storm to hit the US state in more than 80 years.

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Hurricane Hilary heads for Mexico and California

The storm is expected to hit Mexico's Pacific coast and then move towards southern California.

Hilary downgraded to Category 2 hurricane as Mexico and California brace for 'catastrophic' impact

Meteorologists warned that despite the hurricane's weakening, the storm's speed had accelerated Saturday, and urged people to finish their preparations by sundown.

Hurricane Hilary path and timeline: Here's when and where the storm is projected to hit California

The storm is set to impact the southwestern U.S. and could bring "rare and dangerous flooding," according to the National Hurricane Center​.