Hotel Kansas City Earns EPIC UPSCALE Foodie Review

Credit where it's due . . . This is one of the best write-ups we've seen as of late and offers a rare glimpse at the local good life in an accessible report . . . Even better, every now that then we indulge in bit of high end content sharing if only to remind us that there are other foodie options beyond gas stations in Kansas City . . .

At The Town Company, they update the menu based on what is available. “This means that we are changing often within the seasons. This presents a challenge that we are welcome to. There are several moments that we are just settling into a certain product only to have it disappear due to inclement weather. We don’t repeat ourselves and come up with new dishes year round. The ingredients that we start with on a dish are left to themselves and not heavily manipulated,” Johnny Leach, a James Beard-nominated Executive Chef said.

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