Goats Help Trim Cliff Drive

Not quite related to our upcoming arena football team . . . But close . . . Northeast News offers impressive backstory, deets and insight into a sustainable Kansas City trend that's gaining momentum this Summer . . . Check-it . . .

“The best thing is that the goats wouldn’t even call their work work,” Mary O’Connell, Park Steward with Jerusalem Farm said. “They’d call it breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. They nibble until their bellies need to rest. Then they sit down, munch their cud, scratch an itch, sip some water and do it again. But everything stops if there is a human with a treat. Basically their work day consists of eating and resting. They will be kept in an enclosed trailer at night for some safe and cozy Z’s.”

The project received final approval from the Parks Board on July 11, then it took a few more weeks to line up insurance and sign the contract, which ensures the goat team will be on the job through December 31, 2025. The contract is then renewable in five year increments.

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Munching goats to assist with Cliff Drive overgrowth

Dorri PartainContributor Prior to 1899, when the Kansas City Parks Department first began acquiring land to build Cliff Drive as [...]