Former Guv Jay Nixon Rejects Helping MAGA Accusations From Missouri Democrats

One more peek at drama amongst Missouri progressives who seemingly lament that they can only bully their own . . . Here's more back & forth . . . 

In an interview with The Star, Nixon largely sidestepped concerns that a third-party candidate would help elect Trump. 

He said he joined the group as an unpaid volunteer after learning that groups were organizing to limit No Labels’ ability to access the ballot in several states. 

“They’re welcome to criticize whoever they want,” he said. “But they need to be consistent and honest when they do it.” “For me, being involved in a situation that continues the ability of not only Missourians, but people across the country to choose candidates was the primary focus of my desire to get involved.”

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Former MO Gov. Nixon responds to warnings from Democrats he's helping Trump win in 2024

"Disappointing but not shocking," said Jeff Smith, a former Democratic state lawmaker. "When he was governor, he wasn't seen as someone who spent a lot of time, energy building the state party."