Evergy Rate Hike Sparks Resistance

Read this pull quote closely . . . It turns out a discount is order as inflation worsens going into an election year.

Check-it .  . .

“Kansas Corporation Commission Staff has weighed in on Evergy’s request for a rate increase in both of its’ Kansas service areas,” the regulator said. “In testimony filed with the Commission this afternoon, Staff’s detailed financial audit of the company’s income and expenses determined that an increase of 1.66 percent or $34,706,527 was all that could be justified at this time to provide service to Evergy Central customers.  Staff’s position is in contrast to Evergy’s request for a net revenue increase of $204,152,629 or 9.77 percent.”

The KCC said a detailed financial audit from its staff further determined that an 7.32% decrease is appropriate for rates in the Kansas City metro, in contrast to a near-2% increase Evergy proposed.

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KCC staff: Evergy requested rate increase far beyond what's justified

The Kansas Corporation Commission hasn't made a final decision regarding a requested rate increase from Evergy, but the regulator did share an opinion from KCC staff members.