EPIC T-Mobile Layoffs Hit Long-Suffering Kansas City Tech Workers

Consolidation continues to hit Kansas City as the benefit of "Bidenomics" is, tragically, unrealized for many . . . Here's the word . . .

T-Mobile operates one of its U.S. headquarters in Overland Park on a sprawling corporate “campus” between Metcalf and Nall Avenues. T-Mobile’s corporate offices did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

When T-Mobile merged with Overland Park-based Sprint and took over the company’s offices in 2020, it pledged to “continue to be a major employer in the region.”

But T-Mobile cut upwards of 500 jobs at the Overland Park location as part of the merger. Its other U.S. headquarters is near Seattle, Washington.

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T-Mobile to lay off 5,000 employees | CNN Business

T-Mobile on Thursday announced it plans to lay off 5,000 employees, or around 7% of its total staff, over the next five weeks.

T-Mobile is laying off around 5,000 workers

T-Mobile is cutting 7 percent of workers - or around 5,000 jobs. The layoffs will affect employees in corporate roles, with CEO Mike Sievert saying that the cost to attract and keep customers has gotten "more expensive.

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