Dr. Michael Farrar Dead & Dearth Of Info Sparks Troll Speculation

It's more than likely and probably the guy died of natural causes . . . His tragic story sparked national headlines at one point and now a bevy of amateur online sleuths are rehashing the case for the benefit of their horrible, horrible podcasts.

The story so far .  . .

"Multiple family members and his employer North Kansas City Hospital, where he worked for 44 years, declined to comment on his death. He died in Smithville, Missouri, according to the obituary."

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Michael Farrar, whose ex-wife served him poison and killed 2 kids in '95 fire, dies at 68

In 1995, his estranged wife Debora Green set fire to their Prairie Village mansion, where two of their three kids died. She was convicted in the murders, as well as his attempted murder.