DOA: Missouri Republicans Argue Abortion Vote Ballot Language

These are valid arguments . . . But the objective observer should understand that the push to keep this issue off the ballot confirms the word from any GOP insiders . . . Voters will likely approve abortion in Missouri if/when allowed . . .

Plaintiffs in the case believe the cost estimate should state that legalizing abortion in Missouri could result in millions of dollars lost to local governments and billions for the state. Fitzpatrick’s estimate, the lawsuit says, is “inaccurate in a way that is both misleading to voters and obvious to and curable by the auditor.”

“The proposed amendments would allow the destruction of thousands of pre-born Missouri citizens a year, with profound consequences to Missourians that far eclipse financial concerns,” the lawsuit states. “As part of the initiative petition process, however, the state auditor is legally tasked with the grim calculation of the financial costs to Missouri from this enormous human loss.”

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GOP legislators file lawsuit challenging cost estimate of Missouri abortion-rights amendment * Missouri Independent

Republican legislators sued challenging the cost estimate of an initiative petition seeking to enshrine abortion in the Missouri constitution.