DATA: Demand For Book Bans Spikes In Missouri & Kansas

A glimpse at the future . . . Of course there are a lot of decent people who want to have reasonable conversations about what is best for students. 

Still . . . Public libraries have once again become playgrounds for censors in the making amid election season.

Here's how it's playing out in Kansas & Missouri by way of data from the most targeted books . . . 

"The association said it’s Office for Intellectual Freedom documented 1,269 demands to censor library books and resources last year. In addition, the ALA said censors targeted more than 2,500 unique titles in 2022. That is a 38% spike over 2021 according to the ALA."

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Books banned most in Missouri, Kansas top national list

Missouri, Kansas books banned the most are also most banned in U.S., according to American Library Association.