Critics Decry 'Bonkers' Defense Of Prez Trump By Senator Hawley

To be fair . . . We've heard/seen much crazier arguments on this blog and from Tucker Carlson. 

It seems the MSNBC pundit doesn't understand much outside of his TV studio.

When it comes to red state Missouri . . . Senator Hawley is somewhat moderate in his MAGA support. 

To be fair . . . Here's the money line . . . 

"Sure, some people might be inclined to think prosecutors brought charges against a corrupt politician based solely on evidence of alleged wrongdoing, but Hawley would instead have the public embrace an alternative vision. To hear the GOP senator tell it, Trump was indicted, not because of the evidence uncovered through a grand jury process, but because Trump was a bold champion against an unnamed "they" and their globalism, military interventionism, and abortion rights."

Spoiler alert . . . The MSNBC pundit calls Sen. Hawley's theory "bonkers" in the not so stunning conclusion. 

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Hawley references 'globalist agenda' to explain Trump charges

Josh Hawley could try to argue that Donald Trump is innocent, but the senator prefers to argue that Trump is the victim of an elaborate and ridiculous plot.