Counting Kansas City Motorcycle Fatalities

A local news outlet takes a glimpse at a year of living dangerously on Kansas City streets. 

This summary of deadly injuries provides an important public service and all that we can add is that we hope motorcycle riders are also filling out organ donor cards.

Drive safely and check the damage . . .

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, “motorcycle fatalities represent 10 percent of all Missouri highway fatalities each year, yet motorcycles represent approximately 2.6 percent of all registered vehicles in Missouri”

This means that if 1,000 people were in fatal accidents in a year, 100 of those people would be motorcyclists even though, statistically, there should only be 26 motorcyclists in that entire group of 1,000 . . .

In Kansas, any motorcyclist aged 18 or older has sole discretion as to whether or not they wear a helmet. In Missouri, that same choice is given to anyone over the age of 26, but officers are not allowed to stop motorcyclists solely because they are not wearing a helmet.

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Breaking down one year of KC-area motorcycle fatalities and critical-injury crashes

Motorcycle fatalities and critical-injury crashes tend to peak in the warm summer months, but what exactly has that meant for Kansas City over the last year?