Cashill Considers Kansas City '6-Second Insurrectionist' Absurdity

To be fair . . . That's just a bit longer than you're allowed to pick up & consume food off the ground

Still, today we notice Kansas City's foremost conservative author taking the newspaper, progressives and the DOJ to task for a process that he calls "a witch hunt" as it seems to be gaining momentum. 

Here's the story of a local young person on the wrong end of a federal crackdown . . .

Six seconds of nothingness. That's it. Reading this, I feel embarrassed for the agent and disgusted anew by the actions of the Bureau that employs her, the Department of Justice that oversees the Bureau, and the capo di tutti capi who runs this criminal enterprise.

The agent and a colleague interviewed Pacheco at his residence on Sept. 29, 2022, and confirmed that, yes, he was the six-second insurrectionist in question.

The pair came back on May 17, 2023, to read Pacheco and his attorney the riot act, literally.

Six seconds was enough to nail Pacheco for his effort to "knowingly enter" a restricted building, to "disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business," to "engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct," and to "parade, demonstrate, or picket in any of the Capitol Buildings."

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Inside the FBI manhunt for the 6-second 'insurrectionist'

The headline in the otherwise useless Kansas City Star caught my eye, "Kansas City man spent 6 seconds in Capitol on Jan. 6. Now he's charged with 4 crimes." As veteran Star reporter Judy Thomas gleefully informs the paper's dwindling reader base, "The arrests have come as the massive Capitol riot investigation has picked up...