Congressman Alford Slams 'Biden Crime Family' & Talks Hunter Biden Special Counsel

The former Kansas City anchorman offers a couple of hot takes here that might be worth a peek as we slog toward election season . . . Check-it . . .

"What we're looking at now is a special counsel who can now investigate other matters related to Hunter Biden, and his laptop, and the gun deal where he used illegal methods to obtain a gun," Alford said. "So this opens up a wide panoply of things that this special counsel now [is able] to investigate."

Alford added that this "sounds good on the surface, right? Because we need to get to the bottom of the Biden crime family and found out exactly how badly Joe Biden is compromised on the world stage with communist China, Russia, Romania, and other countries."

Alford added: "The problem is this could slow down an impeachment inquiry that the Republicans now I think strongly want to bring forth after we get back from our August in-district work period . . .

"We need to find out answers now as the House body to make sure that this president is not compromised and our country is not in jeopardy."

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Rep. Alford to Newsmax: Hunter Special Counsel Could Stall Impeachment Inquiry

Rep. Mark Alford, R-Mo., told Newsmax on Friday that appointing a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden could delay House Republicans' impeachment inquiry for President Joe Biden until after the general election.