Clay Chastain After 80-Point Kansas City Mayoral Defeat: Media Sucks

The maverick Kansas City petitioner and the only guy to win a citywide light rail vote shares frustration with the status quo in his latest news blast.

However . . .

It's fair to note that many council candidates actually blame the lack of a credible Mayoral challenger for the lack of voter turnout in 2023 . . . They argue: Chastain's campaign turned voters away from the polls and didn't offer kind of incentive for better media coverage of the election. To support this thesis, they note the low-interest numbers Chastain has achieved via other social media outlets. 

As always, to be fair, we offer the last word to Mr. Chastain:

Clay Chastain press release: Mayor Lucas was not re-elected by the people, but by a failing, conniving institution - the media.

For the most part, most people only know what they view through the lens of the media. Hence, the enormous responsibility of this institution. But in the Mayor's race, KC's media failed the greater good by sucking the public interest out of the Mayor's race, ignoring crucial solutions by the challenger and knocking the stuffing out of a fair election process.  Make no mistake, this institution controlled the election - not the voters.

KC's media institution (led by the Kansas City Star & KCUR Public radio) stood silent while Mayor Lucas refused to debate; stood silent while Lucas misused gov't power to try and criminalize his opponent; and stood silent while Lucas offered no solutions to anything, including KC's (entrenched) homicide rampage. The stakes were high. Lives were in the balance. The City's future on the line. It did not matter. This institution elected its (failed) favorite anyway by putting a lid on the Mayor's race, stifling public discussion between the candidates and refusing to hold Mayor Lucas accountable.

Conversely, this institution was not silent in holding the (qualifying) challenger accountable for not (currently) residing in KC full time. KC's media institution obsessed with that issue, though not near as important as the City's serious and mounting problems that the media (and Mayor Lucas) made sure were never debated before the people.

So the Mayor's race was filtered through an institutional machine that spit out a vacuous Mayoral contest that suppressed information, debate and interest. Hence, the anemic 12.7% voter turnout that dishonored our Community.

Is it any wonder the media continues to be the least trusted institution in America. Our Nation is being dragged down by once revered institutions that have now supplanted the greater good with their own self-serving good. And if our Nation falls (KC with it) it will be in large part because our institutions ("instituted among men") betrayed the ideal of providing beneficial, impartial service to the people and our Country.

Former Mayoral Candidate, Clay Chastain

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