Chastain Promises Career Resurrection

The only person to ever win a citywide light rail election sets the scene for his triumphant return to Kansas City politics . . . 

Clay Chastain press release: In 2024, when Mayor Lucas leaves office prematurely, I will move back to KC to become a full-time resident & initiate a serious campaign to replace him. I fully expect to defeat all challengers & then take bold decisive action to Actualize Our City's Great Promise.

Here is why Mayor Lucas will not complete his full term:

(1) Lucas is tainted by his refusal to debate his sole political opponent, his unsuccessful & unethical attempt to prosecute & criminalize that political opponent & his inability to stop the on-going homicide crisis he promised to stop.
(2) Lucas' love for KC does not run deep as he longs to... "go where he is needed most" (apparently DC - not KC )... and join ranks with the far-left WOKE base in DC (where he hangs out).
(3) Lucas knows the KC community is not inspired by his leadership (only a smidgeon of voters came out to reelect him).
(4) Lucas knows deep down he has no real answers (of his own) to solve KC's serious & mounting problems.

Here is why Clay Chastain will be elected Mayor of Kansas City in 2024:

(1) Chastain is a common sense moderate and the only one with the political courage to challenge radical-acting Lucas.
(2) Chastain received 20% of the vote without residing in KC full time, no chance to debate, no money spent and little public exposure courtesy of a sick hostile press against him.
(3) Chastain will resonate with the people as a sincere, competent & independently-acting Mayor for the Community - not himself or wealthy interests.
(4) Chastain will convey integrity, show his ability to emotionally connect with the people & demonstrate his mastery of an exciting vision to move KC forward.

The candidate that won the Mayor's race is not good for KC & did not deserve reelection. When Lucas bolts and I'm given a second chance to lead the City, I am prepared to (before the campaign begins) join those I seek to lead as a full time Kansas City resident.

KC Activist, Clay Chastain

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