Cell Phone Lot Design Flaw Ruined New KCI

Like it or not . . . Any design predicated on having people park about a mile away isn't successful, especially when the previous solution was far more elegant and convenient. 

Also . . . 

In this Eco-friendly era, it's unconscionable that better access for mass transit wasn't part of the equation. 

And so . . . 

Even amid a flattering report . . . Cell phone lot problems must be lovingly explained away.

Check-it . . . 

We are encouraging people to make use of the cell phone lot just to the south of the cell phone we opened an overflow because we did see an increase there," Meyer said.

KCI says parking at the curb isnt an option because people are trying to get in and out.

You dont get to park over there without paying $25, said Daelyn Whitby, a passenger at KCI. Trying to get here is really hard and the parking isnt always on time when they say they are going to be on time.

The airport says it will soon add more, permanent signage.

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