Car Crime Spikes At New KCI

Smarter denizens of our TKC blog community warned us that the new airport is basically just a big parking lot . . . And a poorly designed one at that . . .

NOW . . . To worsen traveling misery, drop-off/pick-up probs and far too much focus on foodie options . . . It seems that the airport is yet another Kansas City destination wherein locals and their property aren't exactly safe.

Check the data and sketchy reassurance . . .

In 2022, the worst year on record, there were 312 reported catalytic converter thefts, according to KCI police records.

Airport police report this year, so far, seems to be heading in a more positive direction.

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Kansas City International Airport had a spike in catalytic converter thefts. Here's how they fought back

When you leave your car at an airport like Kansas City International, you expect it to be in the same condition you left it.