Authorities Search Missouri River For More Bodies In Barrels

Following a grisly discovery . . . Here's a glimpse of the ongoing investigation and fear of a serial killer collab becoming a real possibility despite initial doubts amid racially charged social media allegations.

Check-it . . .

On Tuesday, Clay County prosecutor Zachary Thompson hit the water, telling FOX4 he wants to familiarize himself with the area and keep a look out for more potential evidence.

Speaking from the Port of Waverly, Thompson didn't get into specifics about what that evidence might be. But he explicitly said any barrel along the water should require extra attention.

"If you are around the Missouri River, if you see a barrel, contact law enforcement," Thompson said.

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Prosecutors visit Missouri River in Haslett case, say watch for barrels

The Clay County prosecutor is telling anyone on the Missouri River to alert authorities if they spot a barrel after a woman was found dead.