Anticlimax Underway: Kansas Newspaper Raid Isn't Really Partisan Issue

Here's why . . . 

Close readers and anyone with half a brain will likely INFER that former po-po coworkers likely tipped off the newspaper about sketchy history. 

We notice a conservative blog following this story mostly cites the questionable use of power.

System works: It doesn't look like there's going to be any charges against the newspaper now that their gear has been returned. 

Still . . .

There's a tendency to ascribe this all to global liberal media conspiracy because of so many news outlets covering it . . . We understand the reflex but (most) progressive outlets haven't targeted conservatives with criticism in this story . . . And, as some of our readers point out, crackdowns on the 1st Amendment are often a bipartisan effort.

Here's today's roundup . .  .

The prosecutor in Marion County, Kansas, said Wednesday that police should return all seized material to a weekly newspaper that was raided by officers in a case that has drawn national scrutiny of press freedom.

Marion County Attorney Joel Ensey said his review of police seizures from the Marion County Record found “insufficient evidence exists to establish a legally sufficient nexus between this alleged crime and the places searched and the items seized."

“As a result, I have submitted a proposed order asking the court to release the evidence seized. I have asked local law enforcement to return the material seized to the owners of the property,” Ensey said in a news release.

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Prosecutor: Marion County Record should get seized equipment back due to 'insufficient evidence'

The county attorney in Marion County, Kansas, says that police should return seized material to the weekly newspaper after a much-criticized raid. The prosecutor said his review found "insufficient evidence" to suggest a crime.

County Attorney Joel Ensey: "insufficient evidence" for raid on Marion County Record - The Sentinel

Upon further review, Marion County Attorney Joel Ensey has asked the court to release the evidence seized and return it to the owners.

Marion County Record Publishes Following Police Raid - and Gets Seized Property Back

The Marion County Record published again days after a police raid that made national headlines. Authorities also returned property taken during Friday's raid.

Marion County Record's seized items being returned

Days after the Marion County, Kansas, newspaper's property was seized in a Friday raid by police, seized items are now being returned.

Marion County attorney withdraws search warrant against Kansas newspaper; returns items

A search warrant that cleared the way for the raid of a Kansas newspaper last Friday has been withdrawn, KSHB 41 I-Team reporter Jessica McMaster learned late Wednesday morning.

Before Kansas newspaper raid, police chief left KCPD under cloud, facing discipline

The police chief who led the raid on a local newspaper in Marion, Kansas, had reportedly left the Kansas City Police Department after a complaint that he was abusive to a female officer.

Moment cops raided Marion County Record newsroom

The moment that police using 'Hitler tactics' raided the Marion County Record newsroom has been caught on camera - just a day before the paper's co-owner subsequently died.

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