Still Powerless In Kansas City???

As we start the work week . . . There are MANY people in Kansas City who still struggle without any electricity more than 72 hours after impact. 

Check the testimony and local leaders VERY hesitant to criticize power player suits . . .

It’s been three days since severe weather brought plenty of damage across the metro. Evergy says this is the largest restoration job in its five-year history.

It comes as crews from several states have started work to help restore electricity to all.

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Some KC-area Residents still navigating after days without power due to storm

For nearly 20,000 people across the metro, the power was still out on Sunday night. For those who've had theirs restored, the focus has switched to clean-up.

'We went into survival mode': Local sports bar powering through outage with help of generator

"Being a small business owner, you have to have survival skills because if you just fold and just walk away from a situation, you aren't going to make it," Club 31 Owner, Kam White, said.

KC feels lingering impacts of storm - Why was this one so bad?

The National Weather Service says the storms that hit Johnson County on Friday were part of a "squall line" that packed higher-than-normal wind gusts.

Power restored to 93 percent of customers after storm in KC

Power is continuing to be restored for residents throughout the KC metro after Friday's strong storms swept through the area.

Overland Park Continues to Deal with Storm Fallout, Some Still Without Power

Parts of the area remain without power more than 48 hours after the storm came through the area.

Nearly 12K still without power Monday after severe storms

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -Thousands of Evergy customers in the Kansas City area are still without electricity Monday after severe storms knocked out power across the metro Friday. According to Evergy's web...

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