Show-Me South Loop Conspiracy Cont'd

Sadly, we don't get to vote on this dangerous scheme to reduce traffic noise for downtown luxury denizens whilst local politicos are moving around money to make it happen as quickly as possible . . .

"The budget allocates $28.6 million to the Missouri Department of Economic Development to support "the planning, design and construction of a park above an interstate in a city with more than 400,000 inhabitants and located in more than one county." That's a jump from a $20 million award first considered for the four-block urban park in the House; lawmakers in the Senate later reached the higher $28.6 million figure through budget reconciliation."

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South Loop Link secures $28.6M from Missouri, matching commitments from KC, feds - Kansas City Business Journal

The South Loop Link park atop a portion of Interstate 670 in downtown Kansas City now has $85.8 million committed from local, state and federal contributions, with the potential to secure additional private donations through state tax credits.