Show-Me Sales Tax Reform Amid So Many Expired Temp Tags

Our social media betters love to mock all of the expired tags around town for comic effect.

However, the math is far from funny as personal auto ownership now moves out of reach for the working-class . . . Check-it . . .

In Missouri, state and local sales taxes add nearly 10% to the purchase price of vehicles. The state rate is 4.225%; local rates vary. In much of the city of St. Louis, for example, the local rate is 5.454% for a combined 9.7%.

In the city, a 2023 entry-level Honda Accord with a list price of $27,295 costs about $2,642 in sales taxes, according to the state’s online sales tax calculator.

That’s more than buyers would pay in many other cities near Missouri.

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Sales taxes at the DMV may become a thing of the past. What will it mean for Missouri drivers with expired tags?

Drivers who cruise the region with expired temp tags told the Post-Dispatch that the high price of sales taxes and the all-at-once payments hold them back from getting plates.