Show-Me ESG Push Back

In this post . . . We notice GOP offering investment rules wherein funds are crunching numbers that very few of us understand . . . If, in fact, most of them aren't just letting Quants & AI do it whilst earning EPIC salaries and spending their spare time doing their very best Patrick Bateman impression.

Here's the overview that would inspire agreement amongst most who don't really understand how global corporate corruption rules our lives and so many, many ways that the financial industry separates fools from their money.

Check-it . . .

Missouri's Republican secretary of state, John "Jay" Ashcroft, issued a rule on June 1 that requires broker-dealers to obtain consent from customers to purchase or sell an investment product based on social or other nonfinancial objectives, such as combating climate change.

Ashcroft acted after Republican lawmakers failed to pass a similar measure during the state's legislative session that ended on May 12, amid infighting over which bills should be prioritized.

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Analysis: New anti-ESG rule in Missouri offers US Republicans another path away from 'wokeness' | Flipboard

Reuters - A new Missouri securities rule offers a template for Republican U.S. state officials who want to advance an "anti-woke" business agenda even as such ideas struggle for legislative backing.