Should Kansas City Enforce Fireworks Ban???

A modest proposal for July 4th . . . 


Allow us to explain . . .

Fireworks are bad for the environment

What sense does it make for KCMO to bemoan worsening air quality whilst ignoring recent warnings and then, later tonight, use taxpayer funds to shoot smoke and fire into the sky amid the ongoing drought???

Fireworks encourage disrespect for local laws

The rules are contradictory and that's why enforcement or respect for local fireworks bans has never taken hold . . . KCMO taxpayer funds support many fireworks displays . . . And so, the plebs have no reason to refrain from their own illicit good times . . . ALL NIGHT on local streets. In much the same way that so many advocates for "gun control" are protected by armed guards . . . Rules for fireworks are nonsensical and elitist. The only solution . . . Ban them all. 

Fireworks are a relic of the past

The Chinese invented modern fireworks sometime around 800 AD and the idea hasn't really been updated significantly since that time. 

Moreover . . . 

Public consumption of fireworks isn't just a fire hazard, it's trapping the imagination of the public. Other towns are watching drone light displays and even outdoor laser shows provide a more future-orientated exhibitions than simply watching tiny explosions. 

Finally . . .

At about 12 AM tonight . . . Everyone is going to agree with TKC. 

Illegal fireworks are a KC tradition and the local public displays aren't much better. 

As our progressive friends contemplate gun bans and decry the 2nd Amendment . . . We merely suggest that local crackdown efforts start small and maybe think about not only enforcing rules against fireworks but going further and moving away from traditional 4th of July noise pollution, air pollution and so much garbage blowing up on local streets.

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