Reps Alford & Davids Collab For Troops

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(Members of Congress) Davids and Alford are introducing the SERV act, a bill that aims to identify the challenges facing veterans when they attempt to start a business. The bill would commission a report by the Government Accountability Office on the ability for veterans to access credit and would require an action plan for how Congress would make changes.

The 2019 version of the bill passed the House with only three no votes.

“Because of their sense of service and dedication, there are few people better situated to become entrepreneurs than our nation’s veterans, but they face far too many obstacles when starting their business,” said Davids, whose mother served in the Army. “We must do a better job setting Kansas City area veterans up for success, and that’s why I’m honored to lead the SERV Act alongside Representative Alford.”

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Kansas Democrat, Missouri Republican team up on bill to help veterans own businesses

When it was Rep. Mark Alford's time to speak in the House Committee on Small Business this May, the freshman Missouri Republican said there was a problem when it came to helping veterans start businesses.