Prairie Village Housing Showdown Tonight

Right now we share this sneak peek at zoning rules, neighborhood concerns and bitter disputes amongst our suburbanite friends. 

Even better . . . Close watchers might notice a golden ghetto blogger disguised as a journalist (lulz) pretending to report on the event and/or doing favors for his politics buddies whilst wasting his inheritance that, tragically, overpriced subscriptions haven't been able to supplement. 

But I digress . . .

Here's a much more informative preview . . .

"Since the city first proposed making changes to its housing rules last year, residents have organized into grassroots groups supporting and opposing the ideas. As a result, the city has modified the scope of its recommendations. It is no longer currently exploring changes to single family neighborhoods. Conversations about allowing accessory dwelling units in those neighborhoods is also on hold."

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Prairie Village to host forum to discuss housing recommendations

People living in Prairie Village, Kansas, can provide feedback on how the city should or should not change its housing rules during a forum Thursday, July 13, 2023.