Outrage Against Evergy Justified?!?

First and foremost . . . One of the smartest people we've ever met clarifies a great deal of the chatter confusing Kansas City plebs on social media . . .

"Nobody has ever said anything bad about linemen working to restore power. Public frustration is only directed with corporate executives who obviously haven't invested in their infrastructure but CLEARLY seem focused on raising rates and only allocating meager allowances for service." 

Basically . . .

The urge to defend workers on the low-end is likely nothing more than even more corporate misdirection and disinformation placed on the back of workers. The real struggle, as always, is against the suits. 

And so we ask . . .


It's scary to launch these complaints for many people because the company quite literally holds all the power in Kansas City. 

However . . .

To deny the frustration is dangerous and submits to the rule of un-elected oligarchs.

Tragically, locals will still be thinking about this dilemma in the dark tonight.

Here's the word and more info . . .

Evergy said some outages could be restored Sunday but they’re still working on an accurate time when all power will be restored.

“This will definitely go into Monday. There will be some folks that do not have power on Monday, but as you know, we’re at 30,000 customers out now, and I think it’s a significant part of that restoration today with the resources we have in the field,” Evergy’s Chief Customer Officer, Chuck Caisley said.

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Frustrations run deep for some Evergy customers after days without power

Two days after severe weather slammed the metro and caused widespread power outages, many folks are still without power.

Some power outages will go into Monday; Evergy reports

Around 30,000 Evergy customers still remain without power from Friday's storms. The outages could go into Monday.

Street divided: homeowners with power aid those without

While the east side of Summit Street remains without power Sunday night, the west side is able to watch television and use their appliances.

It may take days for Evergy to restore power to all Kansas City customers hit by storm

Evergy estimates that 27,000 customers remain without power after Friday's thunderstorms, but with more storms hitting the Kansas City area, it may be several more days before all service is restored.

Outage restoration efforts continue Sunday as 30k Evergy customers remain without power

Crews are at work 24 hours a day to restore power to the approximately 30,000 Evergy customers still experiencing outages Sunday after a powerful storm swept through Kansas and Missouri on Friday.

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